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Who is Fashion Merchandiser?

Definition of fashion merchandising - fashion merchandising is the course of planning, promoting, presenting, selling a product to the right market at the proper time with skillful advertising, using attractive displays, etc. Fashion Merchandiser comprehend, predict and respond to the wants of the consumer regarding fashion and make sure that the sales and revenue of the business are maximized. Fashion Merchandising is a career who has a passion for business as well as fashion.

Fashion merchandising jobs, are growing now-a-days as experts are needed by the retailers, manufacturers, which makes it necessary to pursue the degree in fashion merchandising to break into the industry. Pursuing this as career, will open up a chance for aspirants to opt for various degrees such as fashion buying, retail management, promotion, fashion industry's history, economics, textile design and production, fashion marketing, retail marketing

Typical day at work

What does Fashion Merchandiser do?

The responsibilities of a fashion merchandiser are changing as the fashion business does. Most people link a fashion brand with the designer; yet, the fashion merchandiser plays an important role in convincing customers to acquire the latest trends. Fashion merchandisers use strategic analytical insights, marketing, and management skills, in addition to a sense of style, to ensure that the products offered optimise profit.

Jobs in fashion merchandising necessitate a combination of fashion sense and commercial knowledge. Keeping up with the latest fashion trends requires both art and science. Fashion merchandising relies heavily on strategy and marketing expertise. Some of the other tasks they perform are as follows:

  1. Curation and merchandising planning.
  2. Data analysis and trend predictions.
  3. Relationship building and maintenance.
  4. Promotion and marketing.
  5. Collaboration with many departments.

A fashion merchandiser's major work is to see through the styles, designs and the other features of the accessories and the clothes in a clothing store. They also need to make appropriate and eye-catching visual based displays after the analyzation on the targeted customers, the budget and the new and upcoming trends. They also tend to create weekly based, monthly and seasonal based strategies regarding their merchandize and the budget for the same. They not only create but also purchase the important, different and trendy clothes, apparels and footwears to derive inspiration and learn to incorporate such trendy things in their retail based stores.

They also collaborate with the other fashion designers and other suppliers to work with them and help their market to grow indistinctly. They also need to coordinate with the other workers and guide their subordinates in various practical aspects like in cutting and sampling, in 3-D drawing and making the entire garment along with completing its finishing. All the rough sketches and the raw materials need to to be finished properly with good precision and fine finishing, the act that is the responsibility of a fashion merchandiser.

Abilities & aptitude needed

What are the skills, abilities & aptitude needed to become Fashion Merchandiser?

To become a Fashion Merchandiser, the aspirants must need to develop certain skills like analytical mind and an eye on the latest trends, ability to organize things and deal with them in a systematic manner, ability to meet deadlines, the capability of comprehending the data regarding past performance. This will help aspirants make the right decision for the best outcomes, Communication and interaction skills to work in a team and with a variety of people, artistic skills.


Which course I can pursue?

Best Colleges

Which are the best colleges to attend to become Fashion Merchandiser?


Which industries are open for Fashion Merchandiser?

  •  Private Agencies/MNCs
  •  Retail Business
  •  Fashion Industry
  •  Film Industry
  • Manufacturing Industry

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Are there internships available for Fashion Merchandiser?

The internship allows students to gain experience working in organization while studying in University. The internship will provide practical work environment outside the classroom setting, students will learn basics of fashion merchandising, advanced skills, it will help to build contacts in industry, gain professional experience.

Career Outlook

What does the future look like for Fashion Merchandiser?

To become a Fashion Merchandizer in ever-changing and highly competitive world of fashion the aspirants require mastering skills in business as well as art. Aspirants must be aware of the trends in taste and style and blend these skills with fine marketing abilities, the online business opportunities that cut the physical setup cost and remain open 24/7, a flexible schedule can be followed when aspirants are self-employed.

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