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Who is ERP Consultant?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a multifaceted program that incorporates all of an organisation's diverse functions. These activities span compliance, accounting, procurement, supply chain, and project management to risk management. Initially utilised only in big businesses and establishment's mainframe servers, ERP solutions have become popular as special packages have been created for small and medium-sized companies (SMBs). ERP consultants are critical to a company's or corporation's performance and realise ERP-related developments. They do so by helping in the planning of resources. In addition, they work to make sure that the company's software works as efficiently as possible. ERP Consulting has the latent potential to be highly rewarding. It takes a lot of hard work to become one, though.

Typical day at work

What does ERP Consultant do?

An ERP Consultant or an ERP Specialist helps manage Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for big organisations and businesses and brings ERP-related ideas to fruition. They do so by assisting in resource planning. In addition, they strive to ensure that the company's software runs as efficiently as possible. An ERP consultant's function in many projects is to assist in developing and delivering user training, ERP education, and support throughout the project – from selection to go-live.

  • Analyze and recognize software already available 
  • Execute the ERP programs and support them 
  • Document the ERP configuration state
  • Counsel technical teams with technical know-how and change management 
  • Document program design estimates and specifications, based on necessities 
  • Take part in the decision-making to simplify and improve the management of technologies
  • Enable the regular monitoring of the supply-demand chain for bigger corporations 
  • Comprehend ERP computer apps, company needs and get professional certification 
  • Awareness of a company's business environment flow and procedures, including the enhancement of all business procedures 
  • Responsible for the production and supervision of business analysis 
  • Paramount to an organization's ERP program
  • Recognize the strengths and limitations of an ERP product and propose improvements
Abilities & aptitude needed

What are the skills, abilities & aptitude needed to become ERP Consultant?

  • ERP consultants are rapidly applying cutting-edge technology in the sector and building a network of versatile professionals. Typically speaking, if you want to become an ERP consultant, you will be required to learn some essential abilities.
  • They range from utilising technical tools of the industry like Oracle Apps to Analysing business procedures. Find out what companies utilise which ERP software systems the most. Traditionally, the Oracle ERP platforms are employed by a broad market. If you possess RDBMS capabilities such as SQL or MySQL Server, you're nearly there.
  • ERP's advantage is that it keeps changing, and you're always focused on the novel and best technology. For example, Business Intelligence is a natural progression from ERP, and it's the hot market of today. However, the business has been open for as long as SAP and Oracle existed.
  • Besides technical know-how, solid and soft skills are also a bonus. ERP consultants spend a significant amount of time collaborating with other staff and teams, and thus, developed organisational, and communication abilities are needed.
  • Another essential skill to have is established leadership qualities since it is necessary for an ERP Consultant to train and disseminate data to subordinates successfully.


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Career Outlook

What does the future look like for ERP Consultant?

The ERP market is expected to increase in terms of revenue since it is now widely used across a variety of sectors, including aviation, production, medical, manufacturing, banking, shipping, retail, hospitality, transportation, tourist, and logistics. No surprise, the need for ERP-trained people is increasing quickly, and most of the time, certification as an ERP specialist does not require strong technical or programming abilities. This is because implementing ERP requires a greater grasp of a business's approach than it does implement software -hardware or managing and executing databases. With large amounts of small and medium-sized companies supporting ERP, this sector has been targeted by vendors including SAP and Oracle. Normally, ERP consultant jobs enjoy a salary range of Rs. 8,00,000 to Rs. 12,00,000 yearly, but skilled practitioners earn a lot more on payroll or as independent consultants.

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