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Who is Criminologist?

Criminology is a branch of sociology and science that deals with group behavior. Criminologists are responsible for conducting scientific research to analyze criminal behavior, evaluate the measures societies institute to fight crime, the factors contributing, and to rehabilitate criminals. Criminology also deals with the evaluation, hereditary, social, the effectiveness of investigative methods, analysis of evidence, psychological factors contributing to crime, and the effectiveness of various types of criminal rehabilitation programs. Criminologists are also known as sociologists who organize and conduct research to evaluate social behaviors, analysis of acceptable and deviant behaviors prevalent in society. Criminologists study the causes and nature of crime and the criminals who commit them. The research, formulate criminal profiles, compiling research reports, social, the biological background of criminals to determine common traits, identifying criminal patterns and collaborating with law enforcement. The aspirant must have the ability to apply theoretical principles for analyses and hypotheses. Criminologists apply the principle of both sociology and law enforcement.

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What does Criminologist do?

A criminologist's profession is examining data to figure out why a crime was committed and how to anticipate and prevent future criminal conduct. A criminologist is a sociologist or social scientist who 1) investigates, analyses, and analyses social activities and 2) specialises in criminology. Criminologists study behavioural norms (the most common actions in a community) and departures from these norms. It's critical to understand that each community has its own set of behavioural standards, as well as departures from those norms. As a result, a career in criminology can lead to a wide range of options.

  • To find ways to prevent criminal behavior and reduce recidivism and examine all aspects of crime and
  • To gather statistics and identify patterns like types of crimes, demographics, and locations.
  • They interview criminals to learn more about their mindset and motivations for committing crimes.
  • They work with community leaders, law enforcement partners, and politicians to develop policies.
  • To Compile statistical data, conduct surveys.
  • To Formulate policy recommendations, write research papers and articles
  • To work with law enforcement and corrections personnel
  • To Study criminal behavior, to devise strategies to help reduce crime
  • To examine autopsies, crime scenes, evidence to determine what happened and which profile category the criminal falls into
Abilities & aptitude needed

What are the skills, abilities & aptitude needed to become Criminologist?

To become a criminologist, the aspirants must need to develop certain skills like writing and speaking skills, research, and investigative skills, creative and analytical skills, Strong writing skills, interpersonal skills, performing well under pressure which will measure test-taking ability, Public policy interest, Good with statistics, must have excellent organizational skills, a comfort with public speaking since they need to present information to clients, juries, judges, opposing counsel, witnesses, boards and colleagues, the criminal lawyer must have a good flair with words for oral argument and writing legal documents, logical reasoning, and critical thinking because this may help to develop skills to solve legal cases, investigation.


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What does the future look like for Criminologist?

A criminologist is a professional who works on projects where crime-based cases have to be resolved. The career of a criminologist required a good and intricate interaction of the proper amount of education along with the right kind of training through which an individual learns to work in criminal cases and crime scenes. This career required a lot of patience and a critical eye to interpret various things and situations of a crime. This is a detail-oriented job that demands the professional be very precise with their work, pinpointing even the smallest of evidence or thing, along with interpreting all the possible yet practical scenarios in a case. The criminologist's skills are put to use when they have ample practical knowledge. It also helps them understand the criminal behaviors of an individual and their psychological patterns.

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