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Who is Creative Writer?

An individual who can present new and interesting ideas along with putting them to the audience in an engaging manner is known as a creative writer. They are interested and passionate about the art of creative writing. The art of creative writing requires great imaginative skills, creativity and language command. They work along with a variety of industries as well as contribute their work in a number of formats as well as media options.  They require a lot of research and hard work to get the content together for their publishing or work.

They work along with various magazines, websites, advertising, or work freelance; self-employment is another option they opt for. They are the one's who are capable of implanting feelings in a person through their writings through imagination and thoughts. The aspirants who take up the career as creative writers get excellent monetary returns. Apart from the educational qualification, there are workshops and degrees available for them to learn, broaden and grab knowledge as well as their imaginative skills. They must also fulfil the company and publication deadlines.

Typical day at work

What does Creative Writer do?

The content created by the creative writer will be for a range of audiences, including long and short-form. Any changes made by our editors should be implemented as quickly as feasible. The creative writer must be able to find a balance between quantity and quality in their work.

Before and during the writing process, they perform research. They prepare information for assignments, such as planning, outlining, and writing a summary. They double-check all facts before submitting any work, ensuring that every writer follows a logical flow. They participate in feedback sessions and make changes that the client, publisher, or editors advise. They are also needed to attend training sessions and seminars.

The core responsibilities of a creative writer that are required to them are:

  • Write fiction as well as nonfiction material, like short stories, novels, biographies, essays etc.
  • Develop original content for their narratives, dramatic, lyric, or any other type of writing.
  • Plan out details such as themes, plots, characters, dialogue etc.
  • Keeping a check on the relevant format for publication, before sending the writeup to the publishers or producers.
  • Conduct research to collect factual information and genuine details through sources like newspapers, diaries or interviews.
  • Follow systematic steps to acquire the copyrights for their completed work.
  • Attend book launches as well as public events for their newly launched writing and conduct public readings for the same.
  • Collaborate with other writers or authors on specific projects.
  • Revise the written work so as to meet the personal standards of the clients, publishers, directors, or producers.
Abilities & aptitude needed

What are the skills, abilities & aptitude needed to become Creative Writer?

There are a few core abilities and skills required to become a content writer so as to function efficiently in their field. They must be quite expressive in their writing skills to help them communicate in an efficient manner with their audience. Reading comprehension must also be polished as they need to understand the written sentences along with paragraphing in their work-related documents. Another important ability of active listening is required to pay full attention to what the other people are saying and taking in some time to understand the points mentioned by the other person. Critical thinking is also necessary as the application of logic and reasoning to write the climax of a story. They are required to be active learners as this helps them to understand and apply any new information as per current or future needs. They must have the quality to come up with a number of ideas about a theme and must also be able to think about the same situation from various different angles. They also require creative thinking skills as well as out of the box imagination power in their field of work.


Which course I can pursue?

Best Colleges

Which are the best colleges to attend to become Creative Writer?


Which industries are open for Creative Writer?

  • Newspapers
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Websites
  • Books Publishing Agencies
  • Transport Agencies (Technical Writer)
  • Software Companies
  • Online Shopping Portals
  • Freelancing
  • Editors
  • Movies/ Entertainment
  • Media

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Are there internships available for Creative Writer?

To take internship and gain experience in careers as creative writing is essential, has it will build a portfolio for aspirants about their best written work with focus on publishing as a serious creative writer.Internship will help the aspirants to keep practicing their writing skills by constantly writing stories for newspapers or magazines. As there is no limit for how much an individual can improve, so aspirants must read and writer as much as they can. Submission of work, will help them to grow more and will get the ability to face criticism.

Participating in various competitions, drama groups and get as much exposure as can. Aspirants not only just focus on resume but also develop learning skills and mastering old ones, and their experience will be fruitful for their career. Aspirant can work as a paid managerial position for company. Try finding job without considering big or small as aspirant will lean something everywhere, which will eventually help to get foot in the door in dream setup. This will require consistent improvement every single day so when the opportunity is available aspirants are ready to grab it.

Career Outlook

What does the future look like for Creative Writer?

An individual in the field of creative writing needs to produce original written work such as scripts, essays, prose, poetry or song lyrics, for publication or performance. This career with outstanding skills ensures a high salary package along with some additional perks to enjoy such as flexible working hours and the nature of work. In their initial days of learning, they typically gain experience through on-job training along with work with experienced writers and editors with a lot of practice and patience. Beginners in the field can also kick start their journey by putting their name on their work immediately by writing for small businesses, local newspapers, advertising agencies or non-profit organisations. The services of those in the writing industry, including editors, freelance writers, and technical writers have been in demand fairly consistently. Depending on the specific kind of writing job being considered, the exact industry outlook for the next few years may vary. 

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