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Who is Cinematographer?

Another name for a cinematographer is the director of photography (DP). They are the ones who handle the cameras, and it is their job to get the directors vision of the movie on video. It is the cinematographer’s job to get the right moment which the director wants, captured on camera. The director coordinates with the cinematographer about how he wants each shot captured, and then the cinematographer has the job of using the cameras to fulfill the directors wishes. A Cinematographer is one of the most important technicians in the filmmaking unit who is responsible for composing the scene to be shot. He works in coordination with the director to plan a shoot from the preproduction stage.

With a consistent improvement in every aspect of filmmaking and large viewership throughout the world, the Indian film industry has finally been recognized as one of the most successful entertainment industry. Time is not far away when it will be able to take the mental from Hollywood in term of quantity and quality. In fact, it has already shown its trailer in the form of movies like Lagan, Slumdog Millionaire etc. which have felt their presence in the world cinema.

Typical day at work

What does Cinematographer do?

A cinematographer, also known as a Director of Photography, is in charge of the camera and the lighting crew. He is responsible for the development, look and feel of the images which make up the final film. Cinematographers work closely with directors, the camera crew, and the lighting department to get the right frame, lighting, and mood for a film or TV programme.

Cinematographers assume a significant job in film creation. They work in a joint effort with the chief, directly from the pre-generation phase of arranging a shoot. Frequently, a cinematographer will be approached to work with the camera administrators, lighting group and other creation staff in an assortment of jobs to catch the content's scene on film.

  • A cinematographer is one such technical expert in this line-up who is responsible for composing each scene to be shot, decides lighting and camera angles as per director’s requirement.
  • His Job description includes leading the camera/lighting team besides planning and execution of a shoot from the pre-production stage.
  • A Cinematographer is also responsible for instructing cameraman, this makes his job all the more important as cameraman operates the camera according to the instructions of the Cinematographer. 
  • He is the one who has to give the final image to all the imaginary efforts of the director and creativity of the Screenplay writer. 
Abilities & aptitude needed

What are the skills, abilities & aptitude needed to become Cinematographer?

The job of cinematographer necessitates a high level of technical expertise and experience in the industry. A Cinematographer's technical aptitude and understanding of cameras and lenses are also required. To be a cinematographer, one must be dedicated and enthusiastic about his profession. He should have a strong sense of creativity as well as foresight. Another key talent for being a professional cinematographer is creativity. A keen eye for detail and a quick-thinking mentality Lighting methods, light colour, shade, and manipulation need a thorough grasp. Strong technical understanding of cameras and the filmmaking process Communication abilities that are strong Exceptional team management abilities Excellent capacity to listen A flexible way of using previously acquired information to obtain a better outcome


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Which industries are open for Cinematographer?

  • Film Studios
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Government Departments
  • Production Houses
  • Self-employment through marketing of personal skills

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Career Outlook

What does the future look like for Cinematographer?

Due to the fact that every task is distinct since each one involves a new film or television show, the work does not get repetitive at all. The majority of the work is done in coordination with various members of the production team at the manufacturing facility. In addition, there are several possibilities for promotion and recognition in the form of prizes available. One of the most significant advantages of being a cinematographer is that there is projected to be a high demand for them in the future, assuring that cinematographers will find employment when they go looking for it. As a result, advancement in the sector is very portfolio-driven, which means that applicants are only as excellent as their most recent assignment. In principle, this means that the quality of the previous project should increase with each subsequent project that is conducted.

Another advantage is that cinematographers may be eligible for honours from organisations such as the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the Hollywood Foreign Press, and other organisations that recognise outstanding work in the field. Furthermore, the possibility to contact celebrities is considered a bonus by the majority of those who want to pursue a career as a cinematographer.

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