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Who is Career Counsellor?

Choosing a profession may be a challenging task. Because of the advancements in both globalisation and technology, a wealth of new possibilities have opened up around the globe. According to our nation`s standards, we are a developing country with more than 300 different professions available and more than 5000 universities. In today`s environment, where options are always shifting, it is vital to educate children so that they are able to see beyond their immediate surroundings. Therefore, in such situations, Career Counseling may prove to be quite valuable to future generations! When it comes to career counselling, it is the process of identifying and analysing another person`s worries, abilities, interests, and skills in order to assist them in selecting the most appropriate professional path for them.

In order to determine and pursue the greatest work opportunities for them based on their preferences, the approach supports the applicant in selecting and pursuing the best career opportunities for them. As a career counsellor, you provide your clients with advice and support in order to help them manage their lives, learning, and job transitions more effectively (career). There are sections on employment discovery, career choices, career transitions, lifelong career advancement, and other career-related issues covered in this section. The ideas and assessments used by career counsellors are used to aid individuals in making professional choices, resolving challenges, finding jobs, and exploring their options.

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What does Career Counsellor do?

Professional career counsellors can help those who are facing difficulties in their careers. They may place a person's credentials, experience, strengths, and weaknesses in context using their knowledge of career development and labour markets, while also taking into account their desired income, personal hobbies and interests, geography, job market, and educational options.

Career counsellors may also assist people acquire a better knowledge of what means most to them individually, how to plan their careers independently, and how to make difficult decisions and get through times of crisis using their counselling and teaching skills.

Finally, career counsellors are frequently capable of assisting their clients in locating suitable placements/jobs, resolving problems with their employers, or locating other useful services.

  • To gather knowledge about the client, their familial, educational background, trainings received, their hobbies and what they enjoy doing etc. by thorough interviews.
  • To evaluate the interest, personality, achievement etc through relevant assessments.
  • To guide them and brief them about various career opportunities that would match their profile.
  • To help them develop realistic goals which are achievable and measurable.
  • To guide them through making decisions such as choosing a new profession or the training and courses to be pursued.
  • To help clients select and apply the educational programs to obtain the necessary degrees credentials and skills
  • To help the clients develop skills that would aid them in job hunting such as interviewing and networking.
  • To teach strategies that will be helpful in job hunt and to write a resume.
  • To guide the clients to resolve the workplace issues such as conflict with boss or  burnout. 
  • To remain updated about the new career paths and courses so that they could assist the clients
Abilities & aptitude needed

What are the skills, abilities & aptitude needed to become Career Counsellor?

Every person's life is marked by a critical time including career counselling. One must get career counselling services in order to make an informed decision about their future job since many individuals are unsure of what they should pursue in the near future. The most significant choice you will make in your life will be deciding on a vocation that is right for you. If you pick intelligently, it has the potential to transform your whole life; yet, if you choose incorrectly, it has the potential to destroy your entire life. In order to really comprehend a client, the counsellor must be sincere.

The art of listening is a term that may be used to describe counselling abilities. Here are some fundamental counselling abilities that an effective career counsellor should possess: Communicative abilities: Because counselling is a talking treatment, one must have strong communication abilities in order to transmit their thoughts and ideas to their clients in a clear and understandable manner. Listening skills: Because communication is a two-way street, it is necessary to pay attention to what others are saying. As a result, listening skills are essential since they will assist you in understanding the client's issues, viewpoints, and opinions.

Ability to establish rapport: The effectiveness of a counselling session is dependent on the relationship that develops between the counsellor and the client. In order to form a solid link with the client, the counsellor must first establish a strong rapport with them. A good rapport is built when the counsellor listens to the client with complete attention and is able to comprehend what they are saying. As well as having a strong grasp of counselling ideas and holding a professional licence to practise, the counsellor must also possess the following qualifications.


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What does the future look like for Career Counsellor?

Career counselors can work in various areas. The work nature would differ according to the situations they are placed in. they could work in schools, colleges, offices and outplacement sectors. In schools they help students to research which career is best for them while taking into consideration their parent family and pressures. The counselors at college would help students to find out which area to major in and to seek out and find new job profiles. Office settings would require counselors to help employees to move up the career ladder and those in outplacement and career recruitment help employers to find employees that match their profile. Some work as social workers, life coaches, therapists, teachers etc.

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