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Who is Business Intelligence Manager?

Business intelligence managers are a critical part of making the large quantity of data available now valuable to businesses. Business intelligence managers connect the information technology and business worlds, possessing a strong grip of each, and are able to mine and analyse data to suggest a company's development strategies. When a business intelligence manager makes suggestions for a company's technological developments, they are also expected to lead colleagues' workshops, comprising training managers to introduce and track such new systems.

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What does Business Intelligence Manager do?

Business intelligence managers are responsible for providing data solutions related to business strategies in their organization. They are in charge of a group of analysts that use a variety of statistical methodologies to solve quantitative business issues and increase profitability. They are also responsible for leading the design, development, and implementation of critical business intelligence initiatives and projects that will contribute to strategic decision-making across the institution.

  • Analysis of competitive business strategies by evaluating related product, sector, or share patterns
  • Synthesize existing business intelligence or pattern data supporting action recommendations
  • Stay abreast of market or company developments by contacting consumers, rivals, vendors, professional organizations or others
  • Achieve timely distribution of knowledge about business intelligence to users
  • Gather information on business intelligence from accessible industry, public and field reports or sources obtained
  • Recognize and examine sector or geographic patterns with consequences for the business strategy
  • Examine patterns in technology to find opportunities for new product growth or to boost sales of current goods
  • Create custom or standard reports which summarize company, economic or financial data for customers, executives, managers and other stakeholders to review
  • Utilizing business intelligence software, identify or track existing and future clients
  • Preserve or upgrade the databases, tools, dashboards, applications or methods concerning business intelligence
  • Maintain a repository of templates, model documents or other reusable information assets
  • Build tools or frameworks for business intelligence, including the creation of associated outputs, databases or spreadsheets
  • Conduct or arrange tests to make sure that intelligence meets specified needs
  • Distribute knowledge concerning changes to software, reports or metadata.
Abilities & aptitude needed

What are the skills, abilities & aptitude needed to become Business Intelligence Manager?

  • Managers of business intelligence should have a variety of abilities in big data, particularly data analysis, as well as a strong understanding of the business.
  • The business intelligence manager evaluates data from a company, as well as data from rivals and the marketplace, to identify ways to boost the market position of their own company. They will look at the processes, practices, and functions of their organization and will identify places where they can maximize productivity and profit margins. Therefore, they need to possess a detailed knowledge of the business for which they want to work.
  • Business intelligence managers must possess advanced leadership abilities and manage their team. They also need to have strong data analytic skills and use these to draw out insights about industry trends to optimize results for a business, thereby the most promising strategies for their organization.


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Career Outlook

What does the future look like for Business Intelligence Manager?

They are needed in several diverse fields, ranging from education to healthcare to finance to law enforcement. Organizations in all these and more areas are searching for means to stand out and succeed, and business intelligence managers can offer essential insights through data to generate such benefits. Therefore, they're greatly sought-after professionals. If you possess the right abilities, experience and passion in solving issues, you will be able to differentiate yourself in this tough, but thriving job market.

Managers of business intelligence also transfer to higher-level positions within 10 years including roles like business intelligence consultant, analytics manager, analytics manger and business intelligence architect.

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