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Who is Bartender?

Bartenders are the professionals who make magical drinks and saturate the entire social ambiance. These drinks include both mocktails and the cocktails. A part of their work also extends to converse with visitors from various walks of life. While making drinks for the people, when these professionals talk to anybody on the table, it naturally brings a smile on people`s faces. Bartending is an enticing career, though very difficult and demanding. It helps you to build a lot of connections and help you become more disciplined in a general way.

Bartending is both an enjoyable and difficult job, it depends on how you mold it as per your personality and the need of the hour. It is an innovative work and highly creative as well. If the bartenders are social enough, there would come a lot of opportunities in their career to develop better skills and specialize in their domains. Some times can also act as highly rewarding ones, especially financially (particularly in higher- end bars).

The other primary aspect of work of these individuals is to mix the drinks and serve them to patrons, either directly or through the waitstaff. These individuals spend a lot of time standing and serving the people drinks (both mocktails and the cocktails). Though they are quite in regular contact with the internal customers, however they also deal with the external clients (and probable customers as well). They also tend to do the face-to-face discussions with the clients in the bars.

Typical day at work

What does Bartender do?

Bartenders will be responsible to prepare and serve drinks to customers. they should be able to mix and match ingredients in order to create classic and innovative drinks in accordance with customers’ needs and expectations. The purpose of this position is to interact with the hotel guests and ensure they have a great experience at the bar or lounge.

  • Clean utensils, bar equipment and glasses
  • Gather money for served drinks 
  • Balance cash incomes
  • Cross- check the customer identification to test the age requirements for alcohol purchases 
  • Tidy workspaces, bars and tables
  • Try to reduce the issues and liability of too much drinking by consumers by taking actions like coaxing customers to avoid drinking or arranging taxis or other transport for intoxicated users 
  • Take orders from employees or directly from customers for drinks 
  • Serve draft or bottled beer and wine
  • Plan, arrange and monitor cocktail bar or lounge operations 
  • Store bar with liquor, beer, wine and associated supplies like straws, ice, napkins or glassware
  • Serve food products or snacks for bar-sitting clients 
  • Make cocktails and other beverages, combining ingredients like bitters, liquor, water, sugar and soda
  • Pit fruit and slice to garnish beverages 
  • Ask or physically remove patrons who are loud and disrespectful to leave 
  • Organize glasses and bottles to make displays attractive 
  • Develop recipes for beverages 
  • Oversee the work of other bartenders and bar workers 
  • Request or order supplies and liquors 
  • Prepare bar menus
  • Prepare appetizers like cold meats, cheese and pickles.
Abilities & aptitude needed

What are the skills, abilities & aptitude needed to become Bartender?

Familiarizing the language utilized for bartending would make your work easier. Try training in something beyond understanding the language and learning how to create popular beverages such as martinis. For example, you might choose to concentrate your talents on a specific kind of alcohol such as whiskey and improve your knowledge and skill to make drinks around it. You 're going to spend a lot of time communicating with co-workers and customers, and that's one of the most valuable abilities. Besides, you 're going to be operating in a really social atmosphere and thus, you must love to connect with people and interact with them.

You are going to have to serve several guests at a time, which implies that you are going to have to remember a lot of orders — all while communicating with employees, accepting orders, keeping people satisfied and managing the bar. You are on your feet continuously as well, mostly for long working shifts. There is also a lot of heavy lifting of beer kegs, chips, and bottles involved, which is all coming through the counter, from behind and into the hands of customers. Hence, you must possess strong physical endurance. While your shift you will need to talk to your co-workers and customers simply and openly (and possibly very loudly!) to keep things going effortlessly.

Developed communication is essential to successful operations – getting the exact drink for the right customer. You are going to work in a high-pressure setting, stressful, particularly on the busiest nights. Furthermore, you will have to pull a lot of late nights- you won’t have your weekends to yourself, too. These individuals should have various other abilities and capabilities as well. For example, they should have strong oral expression and oral comprehension. To build strong connections with people and make good interpersonal relationships, these professionals should have the ability to orally communicate with the people.

The aspect of information ordering is also appreciated in them. For instance, The people should have strong ability to arrange and manage things or any particular set of actions in a particular patterns on under a specific set of rules. This also requires active listening skills to be present mentally with the customer or the probable client. These professionals overall should have strong management and administrative qualities. These should be able to manage and administer the bar related work area. They should be able to hold the authority of their place be strong inn upholding or showing their presence of mind in case of any peculiarities or mishappening.


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Career Outlook

What does the future look like for Bartender?

You can always begin by securing a job in a bar, operating as a barback, the assistant of the bartender, to aid in restocking the bus plates and glasses, bar inventory and cleaning the bar area- with the intention of gaining some experience.

Perhaps the best way to gain knowledge about bartending and how to operate a successful bar is through this. 

The other advantage is that you will be first on the list when the hiring manager wants a new bartender. You will already know how their bar and restaurant functions, and you will be trained and ready when that moment arrives.

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