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Who is Ayurvedic doctor?

Ayurvedic doctors are professionals who treat their patients using traditional ayurvedic medicine. They are medicinal practitioners of Ayurveda, a form of medicine that originated in India and is based on the principle that the mind, body, and spirit are interrelated and thereby places emphasis on the balance between the three to promote physical and mental wellness. The aim of ayurvedic doctors is to treat illness in the patients using a holistic approach.

This means that an ayurvedic doctor shall also focus on helping their patients balance their mind and body while also promoting a good lifestyle. They work towards enhancing the natural healing capacity of their patient’s body through ayurvedic medicinal practices that focus on balancing the level of three bodily elements of kapha, pitta, and vata. They are specialized in utilizing ayurvedic principles as remedies for alleviating ailments of the body while also placing emphasis on the food and nutrition, lifestyle habits, mental state of the patient.

Ayurvedic doctors can apply this system of healing by employing various methods of treatments such as touch therapy, aromatherapy, sound therapy, herbalism, color therapy. Therefore, the ayurvedic doctors show their expertise in diagnosing the problem or the concern of the individual (patient), find its prognosis and look out for the factors that can be worked in treating the patient. Their eventual task is to treat the patients and relieve them of their problems.

These doctors also help the individuals to prevent them from forming their diseases, as they always believe that "prevention is always better than cure." Their natural system of practice is based on the methods of the Ayurveda in working with the healing capacity of the mind and body of the person. Ayurvedic doctors use various methodologies, such as the psychological, physiological, or even the natural based medicines, herbs or foods to treat and heal the individual.

Typical day at work

What does Ayurvedic doctor do?

Ayurvedic physicians examine the mind-body connection. They use Ayurvedic principles to evaluate Agni, Dosha, and Strata imbalances. They recommend dietary and lifestyle adjustments based on the Ayurvedic Constitution (Prakriti) and different mind/body system imbalances (Vikriti).

Based on the Ayurvedic Constitution (Prakriti) and numerous imbalances in the mind/body systems, they recommend Ayurvedic herbs, spices, and herbal supplements (Vikriti). They provide Ayurvedic bodywork treatments based on the Ayurvedic Constitution (Prakriti) and different mental/physical disorders (Vikriti).

They explain Ayurvedic ideas (such as Prakriti, Vikriti, and characteristics) and the relationship between body and mind, as well as how nutrition and lifestyle, meditation, Pranayama, Ayurvedic medications, Ayurvedic bodywork practises, and Yoga may help with a variety of physical, mental, and emotional issues.

They give seminars and publish papers on various Ayurvedic topics. They provide basic Ayurvedic bodywork methods based on the Ayurvedic Constitution (Prakriti) and different mind/body disorders.

  • Collect the patient’s medical history and information about the presenting problem
  • Examine the patient’s physical condition as well as their dietary habits, lifestyle choices, and mental state
  • Advice necessary tests to screen or diagnose the client’s presenting problems
  • Explain to the clients their illness, the recommended course of treatment and its benefits
  • Prescribe medicines to alleviate illness, prevent diseases, and improve general health
  • Provide referrals to other healthcare professionals and specialists when necessary
  • Monitor the effectiveness of interventions
  • Prepare documents for recording each case for future reference
Abilities & aptitude needed

What are the skills, abilities & aptitude needed to become Ayurvedic doctor?

To become an Ayurvedic doctor, the individual's diagnostic abilities should be sharp along with extensive knowledge about the ayurvedic principles, ayurvedic formulations and therapies of treatment. They should have excellent communication and active listening skills as well in order to extract information about the patient’s presenting problems and the varied factors affecting their symptoms along with conveying information regarding the diagnosis and treatment course in simple, understandable terms to the patient.

They should be methodical, analytical, and skilled at time management. They should be detail-oriented with strong complex problem-solving skills in order to accurately identify symptoms and their causes and devise appropriate treatment courses. They need to be dedicated and committed to the field in order to continually work towards expanding their knowledge to promote, maintain, and restore the health of their patients in their career. A lot of capabilities and abilities that act as strong aspect to help an individual be better in their professional capacities are mentioned below.

Ayurvedic doctors need to have strong reading comprehension wherein they understand and learn difficult concepts in their field. It also helps them in understanding the documentation of their patients. Nonetheless, it would also help them in their particular research based areas, in picking up specific researches, or any other aspect where they can do thorough analysis of a particular case, etc. These professionals also need to have strong communication skills.

This would help them in making thorough communication with their patients, and with people in general while guiding them towards their general well being. It is very important that a doctor's communication skills are well nurtured with the right kind of communication and making the people understand their illness and the required treatment along with the precautions with clarity. Along with it, they also need to be good in their active listening capacities.

This capacity would include the aspect of listening well and then addressing the concerns of their patients or people in general. Along with this, it is understood that these people often prefer having strong critical skills and analytical skills to understand the diagnosis and its prognosis accurately. This would the road to deal with any patient and treat them in thorough manner. In addition to this, ayurvedic doctors should have a strong sense of judgement and clear decision making skills leading to the appropriate measures required to help the patients throughout their course of treatment.


Which course I can pursue?


Are there internships available for Ayurvedic doctor?

In Ayurveda, internships and training practice are mandatory and are inclusive in the UG and PG Programs only. In UG, after 4.5 years of Bachelors, it is essential for you to take 1-year internship program and shadow an Ayurvedic doctor. After that you can call yourself an Ayurvedic Doctor as you will be able to apply for license. Likewise, MD in Ayurveda is a 3- year long postgraduate course including a year of on the job training, and remaining 2 years of research and study.

Career Outlook

What does the future look like for Ayurvedic doctor?

With the resurgence of alternative and holistic medicinal practices as well as the rising incidences of diseases in the population, the demand for ayurvedic doctors has increased in recent times. They can practice as a doctor at public and private hospitals, charitable organizations, pharmaceutical companies, medical colleges, training hospitals, ayurvedic clinics, dispensaries as well as in ayurvedic resorts, panchakarma ashrams, ayurvedic spa centers, and health resorts. Additionally, they can work at private or state-funded research centers or in the ayurvedic medicine commercial sector that produce ayurvedic preparations

They can also choose to be self-employed and set up their own private practice. Long working hours can be expected in this job as they may have to accommodate for a high caseload or to suit the customer’s availability. With their hard work and dedication to the field, they can help many individuals to live healthier lives and truly serve the society which offers immense job satisfaction. These professionals are quite problem sensitive considering that they deal with the patients throughout their day, they tend to easily catch if something wrong happens.

However, it does not only mean solving the problem but also recognizing the conditions leading up any problem or an acute illness. It is with the sense of their deductive reasoning that they are able to perform in this capability. These individuals know how to deduce things and aspects from various problems and lead oneself towards the treatment solution of it. Along with it, it is also understood that they have strong inductive reasoning capacity as they combine various pieces of information to form certain analysis, understand the rules or even draw their conclusions. Since these professions have to be thorough with their written and oral expression along with their oral comprehension, it makes them very confident professionals and solution oriented individuals.

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