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Who is Automobile Engineer?

Automobile Engineers are skilled professionals who are responsible for designing, developing, and manufacturing automobiles. This includes researching, safety and performance testing as well as repairing, modifying, reconstructing and maintaining the automobiles such as cars, trucks, scooters, buses, trains, motorbikes and other motorized vehicles as well as their related components or systems. They combine principles of mechanical, electronic, software, and electrical engineering to develop the components and systems that make up the automobile. They are involved in the entire lifecycle of the product from its conceptualization stages to the production and maintenance stage. These professionals focus on developing vehicles that are economically viable, functional, reliable, efficient, and safe.

Automobile engineers work in close collaboration with other engineers as well as the management in order to maximize the functionality of the design while also ensuring it is economically and ergonomically feasible. Therefore, these professionals design new designs and even develop the improved ones in the domain of structuring the machine engines or the vehicles using the computer assisting design based technology. It also involves the thorough testing of the vehicles or even the small components of it.

Typical day at work

What does Automobile Engineer do?

Automotive engineers develop the design and improve the mechanisms related to vehicles. This involves using AutoCAD software to develop ideas, testing components through different methods and principles, and collaborating with colleagues on projects. Automotive engineers are often tasked with finding new ways to improve electrical components, circuits, car software, and car bodies.

  • Collaborate with the project managers to determine the budgets, timelines, and project specifications
  • Create designs for automobile models that are functional and safe according to the design specifications
  • Produce detailed, accurate visual representations of the designs using computer software
  • Build prototypes of the components and systems to be used in the product
  • Design test procedures for virtual and physical testing of the product performance and safety
  • Ensure compliance to the health and safety standards throughout the development and production process
  • Investigate any mechanical failures that occur in the automobile and determine causes for the same
  • Supervise the manufacturing and product assembly process to ensure quality control
  • Conduct repairs, replacements, modifications and maintenance services for the automobile
  • Produce detailed documentation in the form of official reports
Abilities & aptitude needed

What are the skills, abilities & aptitude needed to become Automobile Engineer?

For an automobile engineer, mathematical skills and technical aptitude are crucial to utilize data in a reliable and precise manner as they are responsible for the safety of the future drivers and passengers of the vehicle. Knowledge of machine design, various manufacturing processes and that of mechanical components is crucial for occupying this role. They should possess the working knowledge of the relevant software such as CAD (Computer-Aided Design), CAM (Automation).

They should be highly methodical, analytical and detail-oriented in order to develop products that are safe, functional, and ergonomically friendly. Their communication skills are necessary in order to work in collaboratively with the management and fellow professionals in the team and to convey technical information in simple terms through presentations or written documents. Their leadership skills must be honed such that they are able to organize and direct the activities of their team. They should be skilled at critical thinking and creative problem-solving in order to identify potential or existing issues in the product and propose innovative solutions for the same. Some of the other general skills and abilities that are absolutely important and required to work in this capacity are mentioned below. Complex problem solving is one aspect that works quite thoroughly in this capacity.

Complex problem solving involves identifying the complex based problems and reviewing all the relative information for the development and the evaluation of the designs and the technical aspects of making and structuring a machine.

Critical thinking is another aspect that is considered important to understand the aspects required to enhance the technical work at hand. This also requires the thorough understanding of one's strengths and the weaknesses of the individual to work on the required solutions and options in a thorough manner. These individuals are also supposed to have good decision making skills along with having their thorough judgement about their work and the technical designs they create. All the protentional actions, thorough analytical judgement and the detailed processing is involved in this category.

Other than that, better reading comprehension skills and the speaking (communicative) skills are also considered good in providing an upper hand to these professionals. Apart form having these skills, automobile engineers are also supposed to have both, deductive reasoning and inductive reasoning skills at hand. Their oral and written comprehension and oral communication and expression anyway provides them with an edge to be better in their personal analytical skills and their professional skills while working in a company or with any organization.


Which course I can pursue?

Best Colleges

Which are the best colleges to attend to become Automobile Engineer?


Which industries are open for Automobile Engineer?

Depending on one’s educational background, experience, and skillsets, aspirants may apply for the following computer engineering jobs:

  • Automobile Engineer

  • Technician

  • Engineering Trainee

  • Embedded Automotive Engineer

  • Design Engineer

  • Service Engineer

  • Software engineer

  • Service Maintenance Engineer

  • Product development Engineer 

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Are there internships available for Automobile Engineer?

In any given field, along with theoretical knowledge, it is always an added advantage to get an on-ground experience that enhances the aspirant’s understanding of the domain. It is highly encouraged to take up an internship and gain exposure to the latest tools, methodologies and technology and become fluent with industrial standards. Many education boards have made it mandatory to take up at least one internship during the course of their degree program in order to better prepare the candidates for competence in the real world. 

Career Outlook

What does the future look like for Automobile Engineer?

The career outlook for automobile engineers is bright as they belong to a rapidly evolving field that is undergoing major technological advancements. They can find a number of employment opportunities in a range of fields such as automobile manufacturing companies, oil and fuel companies, tire companies, vehicle design companies, service stations, automobile materials suppliers, private transport companies, engineering production units, production plants as well as road transport corporations and defense services.

They can also work in the research and development departments of companies, designing automobile models. Additionally, they can also function as researchers or educators in the field of automobile engineering. These professionals generally work in office settings as well as in workshops, garages, and factories. With ample experience in the field, automobile engineers can advance to positions of senior engineer, project director, or general manager.

Some of their work related activities involve strong problem solving and thorough decision making skills in analyzing and evaluating results in their work and the projects they deal with. They are thorough in working with the computers involving various technical software and programs for the better functioning of their projects. Additionally, these professionals are supposed to analyze the data and the information in identifying various principles, and deal with facts and and reasons involved in this category.

Eventually, the junior engineers though having strong understanding of the projects are still supposed to report to their supervisors, and their seniors for further discussion and approval. This is a very dynamic job wherein these people work isolated and also in the capacity of the team spirit with their colleagues along with guiding their subordinates. This is quite a lucrative field though requiring the thorough logical and analytical capacity along with having some spatial sense in their mind as well.

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