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Who is Advertising Director?

Advertising director will work hand-in-hand with the client, the account team, and the creative department, to ensure that as many of the target demographic see their Ad campaign as possible. Using a mixture of market research, analysis, pricing structures, and client considerations, the media director is ultimately responsible for making sure the ad campaign has enormous reach for the best possible price. A position at the entry level can provide aspiring advertising directors with the industry experience they need to advance to higher-level positions. Employers typically seek knowledge of business and marketing practises as the first set of skills.

A prospective advertising director must become acquainted with the services provided by most ad agencies. Furthermore, the candidate must have a good understanding of the various advertising departments, such as creative, media, marketing, and research. The Director of Advertising is responsible for increasing market share in the business`s marketplace, so the Director of Advertising must be a strong innovative leader. He must be highly motivated and capable of motivating, leading, coaching, and mentoring a sales advertising force in a fast-paced business environment while exceeding budgeted advertising and sales goals. The Director of Advertising has extensive experience with both digital and print advertising. The Director of Advertising`s most visible role is to lead the advertising department.

The Director of Advertising is responsible for overseeing the recruitment of key advertising personnel as well as motivating existing personnel in the execution of their duties, encouraging them to exceed their goals. It is also the Director of Advertising`s responsibility to ensure that advertising goals are met on a weekly/monthly/quarterly/annual basis. The Director of Advertising fosters a departmental culture that is high-performing, customer-centric, and results-oriented. Aside from supervising the activities of the advertising departments, the Director of Advertising serves as a mentor to key advertising personnel, providing direct assistance in the execution of their duties as needed and ensuring constant professional growth on their part, preparing them to assume his duties in his absence or retirement.

Typical day at work

What does Advertising Director do?

Advertising directors are in charge of supervising a company's many initiatives and campaigns. Their responsibilities vary based on the business, but they often include administrative work, contract negotiations, budget management, and interdepartmental communication. Their responsibilities also include partnering with clients or management to define the objectives of advertising initiatives and creating ways to achieve those goals.

Advertising directors oversee employees who prepare promotional ideas and products. They make many of the decisions on the design, style and technique of an advertisement agency's creative work, while also working closely with account managers to make sure the continued satisfaction of clients. Additional tasks include negotiating sales contracts and motivating employees to reach sales goals. This upper-level position are often stressful, particularly when working with strict deadlines.

Abilities & aptitude needed

What are the skills, abilities & aptitude needed to become Advertising Director?

Education: A master's degree (PhD preferred) in sales, marketing, or any other business-related field is required for the Director of Advertising. This requirement's equivalent is also acceptable for this position.

Experience: A candidate for this position must have a minimum of ten years of senior management experience, preferably as a head of advertising sales, head of advertising operations, or head of advertising technology. The ideal candidate will have extensive experience working with cutting-edge advertising tools, platforms, and technologies. The candidate will also have demonstrated and successful experience managing an advertising team from campaign conception to successful campaign completion. A suitable candidate will also have extensive experience with ROI, cost modelling, and other quantitative techniques used to educate and persuade potential customers. As an added bonus, the candidate will have demonstrated and successful experience navigating complex sales cycles, as well as a background in business applications and knowledge of SaaS.

Communication Skills: The Director of Advertising must be able to communicate effectively. It is critical that his instructions and directives are communicated clearly down the line in order to ensure the efficient performance of the advertising teams and, thus, the entire advertising department. Excellent communication skills are also required in order to facilitate communication among collaborative executives and personnel. Because clear and concise messages are passed between these collaborating departments, smooth communication skills will enable effective and efficient performance of cross-functional duties. Communication skills will also be required for the creation of clear, unambiguous, and convincing reports for relevant stakeholders, senior advertising management, and collaborating personnel. The Director of Advertising must also be able to communicate the most complex messages in a simple and understandable manner, tailoring messages to different audiences.

Ms Office/Software: A qualified candidate for this position must be highly skilled in the use of Ms Word, Ms Excel, PowerPoint, Keynote, Outlook, and WebEx, which are required for the creation of visually and verbally engaging reports, presentations, and materials for stakeholders, senior advertising management, and collaborating personnel. In addition, the candidate must demonstrate knowledge of HTML, XML, and Javascript. A suitable candidate will also have experience with standard ad systems such as Google DFP, AppNexus, and OpenX.

Technological Knowledge/Analytical Skills: Technology has become an integral part of most people's daily lives as a result of the adoption of modern technological appliances and communication tools. To reach the business's target audience more effectively, the Director of Advertising must be technologically savvy in order to effectively determine the best tools, platforms, and channels to use at each stage of the process.

As a result, a suitable candidate will be an expert in one or more advertising platforms, such as web, mobile, and so on. However, the candidate must also have a good combination of technological knowledge and business analysis skills. The Director of Advertising must be an exceptional analyst, capable of conducting performance and competitive analyses and converting raw data and information into actionable insights and strategies.

Interpersonal Skills: A candidate for this position must be a strategic thinker, consumer-driven and passionate about serving others, self-motivated and proactive, have a strong appreciation for user experience, and be able to multi-task and work in a fast-paced environment. He must also be extremely well organised and able to work on multiple projects at the same time, have exceptional problem-solving skills, and be able to maintain calmness and composure under stress and uncertainty while inspiring the same in his juniors.

Leadership/People Skills: A candidate for the position must also have exceptional leadership skills, as well as the ability to guide a cross-functional group in the same direction. He must be approachable and relatable, as well as be able to form long-lasting and meaningful connections with people. This will allow junior and cross-functional employees to put their trust in him, as well as sales executives and stakeholders to follow his insights and judgments.


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Career Outlook

What does the future look like for Advertising Director?

Because positions in this field are highly sought after, competition for advertising director jobs will remain fierce. Demand and employment growth will be limited, and will be largely determined by the need to replace those who retire or leave the field. Companies seeking to expand their electronic media presence will create some opportunities. As a result, candidates with experience in online, mobile, and social media advertising will stand out to prospective employers. This shift to digital advertising should help compensate for job losses in the print news industry. Overall employment of advertising, promotions, and marketing managers is expected to grow 10% from 2020 to 2030, roughly in line with the national average for all occupations. On average, 31,100 openings for advertising, promotions, and marketing managers are expected each year over the next decade. Many of those openings are expected to be created as a result of the need to replace workers who transfer to different occupations or leave the labour force for other reasons, such as retirement.

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