Planning To Choose PCMB After Class 10? Consider These 7 Things First.


When It Comes To Choosing A Stream For Class Tenth Pupils, Especially Those Interested In Science, There Is Usually A Sense Of Hesitation And Bewilderment. The Indecision Stems From Choosing Between Mathematics And Biology, Or Both Of Them Together With Physics And Chemistry.

If You've Decided Or Are Considering Taking All Four Topics Together, I.e. PCMB (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, And Biology), Let Me Inform You That It's A BIG Step To Take Because You'll Be Balancing These Complex Subjects.

Before You Decide Or Follow Anyone's Advice, You Should Ask Yourself, "What Is My Life Goal?" Are My Topics Congruent With My Goal? Aside From That, There Are A Few More Vital Factors To Consider Before Making Your Ultimate Pick.

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  1. Although PCMB Opens Up All Professional Opportunities, It Is Not Always A Feasible Method.

Without A Doubt, A PCMB Subject Combination Qualifies You For Nearly Every Job Opportunity Available. After Graduating From High School, You Can Pursue Various Career Paths Ranging From Medicine To Research To Business To Social Sciences. While You'll Be Spoiled For Choice, Having Too Many Options Isn't Always A Good Thing; Having Too Many Options Can Make You More Confused About Your Job Options. You Still Have Time To Research And Evaluate Your Professional Alternatives Because You Are Just In 11th Grade.

During Your 12th Grade, You Would Be Preparing For Board Examinations And Entrance Exams. Choosing A Career From Many Possibilities Will Make Your Job More Difficult And Potentially Less Accurate While Managing All Of These Other Things. As A Result, It Is Best To Narrow Down Your Job Alternatives Immediately And Select The Most Acceptable Stream And Subjects Connected With Them.

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  1. A PCMB Combination Allows You To Explore Multidisciplinary Employment Opportunities.

Today, Several Interdisciplinary Job Paths Exist At The Intersection Of Math, Biology, And Other Sciences. Biotechnology, Biomedical Engineering, Bio-Statistics, Epidemiology, Bio-Informatics, Bio-Mathematics, Population Ecology, Genetic Engineering, Bio-Mechanics, Agricultural Engineering, And Other Subjects Require Knowledge Of Mathematics And Biology. If These Subjects Pique Your Interest And You Want To Pursue A Profession In One Of Them, Combining Mathematics And Biology Makes Sense.

Before Deciding To Pursue Any Of These Jobs, Make Sure You Thoroughly Examine Them, Including What The Fields Are, Their Scope And Professional Potential, And So On. Do Not Enter These Fields Simply Because They Sound Fascinating; Instead, Make An Informed Decision.

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  1. Mechanics Or Medicine? Swinging Between The Two Is Not A Good Idea.

It Is Common For PCMB Students To Take Both The Engineering (JEE) And Medical (NEET) Admission Exams. Again, This Leaves Two Professional Paths Open If One Does Not Work Out. However, As I Previously Stated, Doing So Is Not Recommended Because It Serves To Raise Your Confusion Rather Than Alleviate It. It Is Quite Improbable That You Will Be Equally Interested (and Suited) In Both Career Paths. Selecting One Over The Other Simply Because You Passed Its Admission Exam Is Not A Good Decision.

It Is Critical To Recognise That Mastering These Entrance Examinations And Board Preparation Requires Much Mental Effort And Hard Work. Furthermore, Managing Both Tests Is A Complex Undertaking In That Only A Few People Thrive. While Aiming To Pass Both Exams, You May Wind Up Failing One. As A Result, If You Intend To Take Both Exams Using PCMB, I Strongly Suggest You Reconsider. It Is Preferable To Be Sure About Your Professional Decision And Focus Your Efforts In The Proper Direction.

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  1. A PCMB Combo Necessitates Labour And Hard Work.

With A PCMB Subject Combination, Your Ability To Understand And Memorise The Most Difficult Concepts Gradually Improves As You Are Exposed To A Wide Range Of Technical Concepts, Scientific Theories, And Practical Questions. Simultaneously, The Difficulty Level Of A PCMB Combination Is Pretty High Since You Will Be Managing Both Mathematics And Biology Compared To A Somewhat Easier Topic (like Computer Science, Physical Education, Etc.). With School, Entrance Exam Preparation, And Coaching Classes, You'd Have A Hectic Schedule With Little Time For Recreational Activities.

As A Result, You Must Decide Whether You Can Handle All Of These Responsibilities. Preparation For These Subjects Can Be Taken Quickly If Done With Adequate Planning And Effort.

  1. You May Face A Trade-off Between The Number Of Job Alternatives Available To You And The Grades You Receive.

As Previously Stated, A PCMB Combination Can Be Challenging To Handle, And Students Generally Score Worse When Compared To Students Who Choose Other Somewhat Lighter (and Higher Scoring) Topics.

If You Want To Pursue A B.A.(H)/B.Sc.(H) Course Following High School, Admittance Will Be Based Primarily On Merit. It Is Commonly Known That The Cut-offs For The Top Colleges Today Are Pretty High, So Your Board Percentage Matters A Lot. So, While A PCMB Combination Opens Up Many Employment Opportunities, If You Do Not Perform Well Enough In Class 12, You May Still Be Ineligible For Some Of Them Based On Your Grade.

This Trade-off Between Your Amount Of Employment Alternatives And Your Grades Is Tricky, So Think Carefully About Your Long-term Aspirations. If You Want To Pursue Courses That Need Merit-based Admission, A PCMB Combination May Not Be The Best Option.

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  1. Your Past Performance Can Be A Good Predictor Of Future Performance.

Seeing How You Fared In Both Topics In The Past Might Be An Excellent Deciding Factor In Picking Which Subject To Pursue Further, Either Maths Or Biology Or Both. If Your Results In Any Of These Subjects Have Continuously Been Lower, And You Struggle To Maintain A Good Score, Then Choosing PCMB May Not Be Wise.

However, Suppose You Are Scoring Well But Are Still Unsure About Your Studies. In That Case, A Career Assessment (which Measures Your Aptitude Levels In Several Fields And Your Hobbies And Personality Traits) Might Help You Decide On Your Stream And Career Path. The Brainwonders Evaluation Is A Valuable And Highly Accurate Assessment That Assists You In Evaluating Your Suitability For Various Subjects And Recommending The Best Stream For You.

  1. Falling Prey To Parental Expectations.

Students Tend To Come Under Pressure By Seeing The High Ground Their Parents Hold Them On. This Is Primarily The Case When We See An Academically Bright Child. It Is Considered A Waste Of Potential When An Academically Bright Child Does Not Opt For Science. However, You Are The Judge Of Your Capabilities. You Do Not Have To Take Up Science With Math And Biology Just Because You Happen To Do Good In Your 10th Grade. Psychometric Tools Like An Aptitude Test And Interest Test Would Also Be Beneficial. 

The Path You Take After Completing Your Tenth Grade Has The Potential To Shape Your Whole Career. As A Result, You Must Analyse Both Sides Of The Coin Before Making Your Stream Selection. Don't Worry If You've Previously Chosen These Subjects And Struggle To Keep Up. You Might Yet Have Time To Switch Topics. Discuss This With Your Professors, School Counsellors, And Career Counsellors, And They Will Assist You In Making An Informed Career Decision.

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